''BOROLINE'' A Must Have Winter Product For Every Bengali House

  • ''BOROLINE'' A Must Have Winter Product For Every Bengali House

    ''BOROLINE'' A Must Have Winter...

  • The 1985 Boroline ad

    The 1985 Boroline ad

  • superbrand ad boroline vidya

    superbrand ad boroline vidya

''KUSBUDAR ANTISEPTIC CREAM BOROLINE'' we all have been grown up watching this ad on tv. It is a childhood nostalgia. Basically it is a scented antiseptic cream but over the decades it has become the essential part of bong life.Remembering my childhood when I was a kid my mom used to rub boroline in my face as a winter care face cream. The beautiful scent of the cream and souffle soft skin is what I remember as a childhood memory. As a tribute to my favorite Boroline here I am writing some facts about it.

  1. Boroline was first launched in Kolkata(India) in 1929 by a Bengali businessman Gurumohan Dutta. It is the product , before the independence of India.
  2. Boroline is an ayurvedic antiseptic product. It Contains Tankan Amla(Boric Acid),Jasad Vasma(Zinc Oxide),Mineral Oil,Paraffin Wax and perfume. The combination of these ingredients has great medicinal property.
  3. Boroline's special oil-rich formula is enriched with natural lanolin (also called wool wax)which protects and softens skin.Ensures fastest smoothening of all chapped,cracked and abraded skin.
  4. The name Boroline came from "Boro"( Boric Acid) and "Lin"(lanolin) which is pretty cool.
  5. Boroline can fight germs and cure cuts and wounds we all know that .Beside that it can heal post-operative stitches also.
  6. Suthol Antiseptic Skin Liquid, Eleen light hair oil, Glosoft Facewash and PenorubRed liquid pain reliever are some other products of Boroline.
  7. Ever wondered why there is an elephant in the  packaging.The elephant signifies the steadiness and strength.In many parts of India, it is known as "Hatiwala Cream".

Started journey from Kolkata and ruling India. Boroline is timeless.Long live Boroline.


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